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Born in NYC. Rooted in Miami. Connected around the world.

We help brands solve business problems and enable possibilities for themselves, their products, and those they serve.

Our mission is to bring their future into reality.

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How We Work

Companies need to adapt faster and more substantially than ever before. But traditional strategic and creative processes are often trivial and outdated.

Our design process is rooted extensively understanding the challenges our clients face, making no assumptions along the way. Our unique combination of multidisciplinary capabilities and deep resources helps us thoroughly understand historical moments, current trends, and future opportunities to inform how brands can shift to—and shape—culture, design, and technology.

Digital strategy, design, marketing, and technology work as one. We move smart and form tight-knit relationships with every client. Their business problems become ours.

End to end, from foundational systems to fine-grained executions, we help brands embody their truest and best vision for themselves.

Who We Are

Nick Hoag,
Managing Director

Nick oversees our studio’s growth and collaboration.

With 15+ years of experience working at the intersection of strategy, design, and digital technology for brands including Nike, STUDIOS Architecture, FX, and Ace Hotel, he is skilled in brand strategy, digital design + development, marketing, and as a cross-functional team lead.

Rad Bratich,
Creative Director

Over 20 years, Rad has led the creative strategy, design, and launch for countless brands, websites, and mobile apps.

Creative direction, brand strategy, visual design, and project launch are his specialties. He uses strong design systems, strategic thinking, and informed data insights to help brands connect with audiences and grow. Rad’s curiosity and enthusiasm for market patterns, cultural movements, design, the arts, and music inform both his personal and professional lives.

Spencer Foxworth,
Strategy Director

Spencer draws on 20+ years of experience helping brands align their business needs with those they serve.

Design research, brand identity, and language frameworks—meaning and messaging strategies—inform his approach of designing relevance, beauty, and functionality in digital experiences. His goal is reconnecting people and brands while honoring both.

Luis Bajaña,
Technology Director

A seasoned software engineer and former project manager, technical lead, chapter lead, and head of delivery, Luis has been involved in every part of the dev process throughout his career, successfully launching scores of websites and apps.

Luis has 14+ years of experience developing digital products. As our technology director, Luis delivers on time and fulfills high-quality standards, talent, client relationships, and value.

Daniela Peinado,
Marketing Director

As our head of digital marketing, Daniela provides innovative and empathetic end-to-end marketing strategies for our clients.

With 10+ years of experience in online marketing, digital transformation, and business development, she is passionate about helping brands generate revenue at the intersection of brand and business strategy.

Kate Tucker,
Sr. Project Manager

Our lead project manager, Kate gives our clients the smoothest, most personalized, most results-driven experiences possible. She works with you from start to finish, from kickoff to dev.

Kate focuses her years of experience in design collaboration to draw out the best in each team, reduce overhead, and exceed project expectations. Her ability to perceive—and tap into—each individual clients’ unique needs and expectations are central to the success of every project.

Evan Baum,
Lead Designer

Evan is a multidisciplinary designer with 10 years of experience in branding, experience, product, production, and environments.

As a maker, he is passionate about solving distinct and complex challenges through design thinking. Evan is as committed to craftsmanship, relationship building, and learning as he is deeply invested in helping to resolve social justice and environmental issues.

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