MA — Brand Identity and Website Design

MA is a multidisciplinary, studio-based practice recognized for its creative use of new materials and technologies, sophisticated, sustainable designs, and thoughtful engagement with the arts.

Over the past year, we had the privilege of working closely with Morris Adjmi and the MA team to reimagine their visual identity and digital experience.

Rooted in a classic serif and modernized by subtle customization, the new MA ligature strikes a balance between practicality and elegance. The unification of the letterforms is a nod to the firm's evolution–bridging the past, present, and future.

The new website demonstrates the full suite of design assets, including a hardworking typography system and color palette that is confident yet reverent to the content it showcases.

Featured on: Awwwards and Essential Design.

Morris Adjmi Architects - Website Design

Morris Adjmi Architects - Responsive Mobile Design

Morris Adjmi Architects - Collateral Design

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