Costa Farms

How can we help make beautiful-healthy plants accessible to everyone, everywhere?

What were our goals

The renowned company Costa Farms, specialized in the sale of plants and flowers, approached us with two clear goals: 

Execute a successful website migration process to maintain their online positioning

Enhance the positioning of their ecommerce to significantly improve the visibility and performance of the website

Current situation and Market context

With demographic changes and renewed enthusiasm for gardening, particularly indoor gardening after COVID-19, Costa Farms saw more consumers wanting to communicate directly with the team growing their plants. "We're embracing this opportunity to build relationships with the plant community and putting more effort into connecting with new gardeners." Joche Smith, CEO

The great goal is to make beautiful-healthy plants accessible to everyone, everywhere.

What where the challenges?

One of the biggest challenges we faced during the SEO project with Costa Farms was the vast array of products within their inventory. With an extensive product catalog, each requiring unique attention, we recognized the need for a highly creative and strategic approach to crafting metadata. The sheer volume and diversity of products demanded a nuanced understanding of each item's distinctive features and benefits. Our challenge was to infuse creativity into the metadata—titles, descriptions, and alt tags—to not only meet search engine criteria but also attract and inform potential customers.

This task required a delicate balance between aligning with SEO best practices and ensuring that the metadata accurately reflected the essence of each product and the brand. The goal was not just to optimize for search algorithms but also to engage users by delivering compelling and relevant information. Overcoming this challenge involved, in addition to research, collaboration as partners of Costa Farms to be more than a supplier, experts and part of their team.




Metadata optimization

We successfully navigated the challenge of maintaining creativity while adhering to SEO best practices while optimazing metadata for their extensive catalog.


Increase organic visibility

The website experienced a substantial increase in organic visibility driving qualified traffic with actual needs and interest in the products.


Improved search engine rankings

Our strategic approach to keyword research and incorporation into titles, descriptions, and alt tags proved effective, resulting in improved search engine rankings for a myriad of product-specific queries.


Site speed optimizations

Site speed optimizations not only improved user satisfaction but also positively impacted search engine rankings.


Enhance overall structure and accessibility

The hierarchical structuring of H-tags, coupled with the proper implementation of Sitemap.xml and robots.txt files, enhanced the site's overall structure and accessibility. Identification and resolution of issues like broken links and 404 errors contributed to a seamless user experience.

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