True Collaboration

The balance of true collaboration

Over the last two decades we've had the privilege of collaborating with a number of individuals, businesses, and organizations. With each, we've learned that to do anything of merit, it cannot be done alone. Nor can it be done in a one-sided manner. There must be collaboration to achieve something genuine. Something truly impactful. Something "timeless".
And true collaboration comes from balance.

In the context of building (or rebuilding) a brand, a creative team will, of course, bring their expertise, problem-solving skills, and keen insights to the projects they approach, but they must always balance that with the understanding that their client - the people on the other side of the table - also have something to bring to the process. No one knows an organization's identity better than the people in it every day, so their opinions and insights are invaluable.

On the flip side, a good design client will, of course, bring their familiarity with their brand, insight into their audience, understanding of their goals, and a strong desire for it to be successful, but they must then let the design team do what they are hired to do - design.
This collaborative approach has one key ingredient: a willingness by both parties to put in the necessary work for an impactful result.

One of our many privileged partnerships was working with the incredible team at VMDO Architects. They are an architecture and design firm with an unwavering commitment to creating environments that shape the way people live, work, and play. For the last 40 years, they've been dedicated to helping institutions and communities envision pivotal projects, specifically within the world of education. Their heart for their work is extremely sincere, and that is felt in the spaces they design.
As they embarked on a new decade of practice, the VMDO team sought our expertise to revitalize their brand through a new visual identity, graphic design system, and improved website experience. Despite being a well-established firm with a rich history, they took a collaborative approach, eschewing micromanagement. Understanding their role and ours in designing a brand identity, the VMDO team provided the necessary information and resources, built a true relationship with our team, and trusted us to excel in our expertise: shaping their brand's future.

The outcome was a new visual identity and online experience that not only showcased their work but also effectively communicated the values within the work. A truly collaborative balance was achieved, the work culminated in a brand identity with long-lasting value.

VMDO Architecture Firm Rebrand - Before

VMDO Architecture Firm Rebrand - After

VMDO Architecture Firm Rebrand - After

VMDO Architecture Firm Rebrand - After

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