VMDO Architects

"We were consistently impressed with The Future Forward's distinctive brand of congenial customer service and savvy, on-point design and development. Their clean, modern design of our visual identity and website experience helped our brand better reflect our architectural mission and launch us into a new decade of practice. Our website's responsiveness across platforms, SEO, and user-friendly CMS allow for easy usability and control. Empowered by a clear brand statement and a suite of customizable digital tools, we feel invigorated by and in charge of our future."

Mary Beth Lineberry

Senior Associate, Director of Marketing VMDO Architects

A new visual identity and web design for VMDO Architects


VMDO is an architecture and design firm with an unwavering commitment to creating environments that shape the way people live, work, and play. For over 40 years they have been dedicated to helping institutions and communities envision pivotal projects that translate into meaningful buildings of lasting value.

Entering a new decade of practice, VMDO made a strategic choice to redefine their brand. They enlisted our support to craft a new visual identity design, web design, and an immersive architectural website experience through our specialized branding and identity design services. In our capacity as a brand strategy agency, our aim was to construct a dynamic brand platform that truly reflected their dedication and passion for achieving exceptional outcomes in the field of education architecture. The result materialized a distinctive tone of voice and a unique visual identity design, encompassing a carefully curated logo, a unified typography system, a vibrant color palette, comprehensive brand guidelines, and a responsive website. This complete overhaul stands as a testament to VMDO's commitment to an elevated and refined brand presence in the evolving landscape of educational architecture.

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