Other Projects

"We view The Future Forward as an important part of our team. We’ve created a brand and two ecommerce websites with them, we well as a number of side projects over the last eight years. The Future Forward team has always been there for us in a big way. Above and beyond the projects themselves, the ongoing support systems The Future Forward has in place are invaluable."

Jon Rosen

Partner / Co-Founder

Tiina the Store’s highly curated, tightly edited product selection is assembled with the unique point of view of founder Tiina Laakkonen. A showcase of beautifully crafted pieces, made by real people – makers who combine contemporary design with traditional artisanal skill.

With the design and development of their ecommerce website using the Shopify Plus platform, we sought to create a user-first, utilitarian experience that places the focus on the store's diverse product offering through functional ease of use.

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