James Merrell Architects

"What I love about working with The Future Forward team is that they 'hear' us. They listen to our inarticulate dreams and interpret them into beautiful designs. It's like they knew us from the beginning."

James Merrell

Founder / Principal Architect

Branding and Web Design for James Merrell Architects


Since 1988, James Merrell Architects has been at the forefront of designing award-winning residential projects in the Hamptons, featured in prestigious publications such as The New York Times, Dream Homes, and Period Homes.

In the process of redefining their brand, our focus was on showcasing the creativity, ingenuity, and meticulous care that contribute to the creation of the remarkable homes designed by their team. This emphasis guided the development of their new brand identity design. The custom logo design, in the form of a modular logo system, was crafted to evoke the essence of the structures they bring to life.

Turning our attention to the website design, our role as a branding and design agency was to effectively communicate their values and showcase their projects, while minimizing unnecessary elements. By incorporating responsive web design practices and featuring full-bleed background imagery, we curated an immersive experience. Users are seamlessly brought into a virtual space that not only provides a window into their work but also offers insights into the unique culture of their studio.

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