Fry Reglet

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"The reaction from our Fry group internally and the design community at large has been overwhelmingly positive. I am so grateful to have The Future Forward as a part of our team."

Juli Novick

Director of Marketing

With the digital platform we created, Fry Reglet is empowering architects and designers to develop the built environment.

Fry Reglet’s product catalog encompasses thousands of products across a multitude of categories. By way of a thorough digital strategy process, we uncovered the needs of various audiences and devised a plan for each user journey. We then developed an intuitive design system that showcases their offering in an easy-to-digest format, with a lot of depth under the hood.

The result is a digital experience and brand platform that enables architects and designers to find the products and inspiration they need, which has resulted in a 33% increase in generated leads.

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