Fry Reglet

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"The reaction from our Fry group internally and the design community at large has been overwhelmingly positive. I am so grateful to have The Future Forward as a part of our team."

Juli Novick

Director of Marketing

We partnered with Fry Reglet, a leading architectural products company, to create a refreshed brand identity and new digital platform that strikes a balance of form and function to effectively showcase their diverse product lines.

Fry's product catalog encompasses thousands of products across a multitude of categories. By way of a thorough digital strategy process, we uncovered the needs of various audiences and devised a plan for each user journey. We then developed an intuitive design system that showcases their offering in an easy-to-digest format, with a lot of depth under the hood.

The result is a digital platform that enables architects and designers to find the products and inspiration they need, as they develop the built environment.