Eskew Dumez Ripple Architecture

"The end product speaks for itself. How The Future Forward team effectively and efficiently gathered input from numerous stakeholders (all designers in their own right) is a marvel. The graphics are strong and navigation is clean. The case studies are fresh and indeed communicate national problems resolved with specific and relatable solutions. All that I had hoped...and then some."

Maggie Thacker

Principal, Director of Marketing

Designing the new brand identity for Eskew Dumez Ripple Architects


Established in 1989, Eskew Dumez Ripple has transformed from a local architecture firm doing nationally recognized work to a national firm that has retained its local roots.

The foundation of the new brand identity was drawn from the equity inherent in the original design assets, including the serif typeface, color palette, and iconic logo, which we sought to pay homage to after three decades of successful practice. As specialists in designing brand identities and web experiences, we made strategic adjustments such as changing their wordmark from a serif to a geometric sans for better legibility on small devices. Additionally, the elegant Sanomat typeface was incorporated for the headline moments across the website, printed collateral, and other brand touchpoints.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the firm accumulated wealth of knowledge and experience in more intelligent and sustainable architecture practices. To best showcase their work and thought leadership, we implemented a truly comprehensive brand identity design system. The new digital experience serves as a platform to communicate this knowledge through case studies, showcasing a diverse range of content types. From high-res imagery and renders to video and VR, the EDR team now has the platform to share their process and results with the broader architectural community.

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