Other Projects

The Serino Studio was established with a fundamental truth in mind: create essentials that epitomize how simplicity endures over time and impacts our lives – only using what’s necessary and never embellishing for the sake of convention.

Our journey with the Serino team started with a series of conversations to align with their vision, product offering, and positioning. We wanted to fully understand the forces that lead them to their concept, to the material story, all the way to production, packaging, and distribution opportunities prior to beginning the design process.

The visual identity system is rooted in the concept “Exceptional without Excess,” where, (like their apparel) every detail is considered and has a clear purpose. The system is bold, simple, and distinctive, reflecting Serino’s positioning and values.

The ecommerce website acts as a natural extension of the brand, allowing users to experience the simplicity of their garments free from distraction. This hyper-focus on the essentials enables the Serino brand to stand out from the noise in the d2c fashion landscape.

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